Why are manga series popular?

Why are manga series popular? The famously of the manga series can be attributed to the unique way in which content writers create the new story.

This year’s most popular anime movie has sold nearly 16 million tickets. The most popular manga magazine sells 3 million copies per issue with its most popular title, as opposed to 2.1 million in weekly circulation. It’s basically a topic but I think the overall situation is the same.

In fact, the word manga has been around in Japan since the late 18th century, but this type of comic did not begin to gain popularity in the United States until the 1960s, when the popular Japanese anime series Astro Boy was imported to the United States in 2007. However, the anime market in the United States

Endingly, there is the benifits. If I want to choose up Gintama / Hunter x Hunter, / the most random & obscure mangaowl in this world, I can prepare reading it in less than 5 minutes.

Times have passed, և different novels are more popular than others. Manga is one of the most popular books for teenagers today. Some manga novels are more popular than Western novels created by Marvel և DC.

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